Adjunct Faculty

e-verifyAdjunct faculty, part-time instructor . . . what’s in a name? Your credentials are equivalent to our full-time faculty but your time on campus is shorter. You may feel less connected with our program but you have much in common with your students who are part-time learners.

This portion of our website has been developed to keep you better informed. Look for our section on frequently asked questions (FAQ), links to the adjunct faculty handbook and the student handbook, and connection to web services.

What’s special for you on web services? Your list of students, their contact information (address, phone, and email), their previous class credit, and your electronic grade entry site. You have a primary PIN code that provides you access to all this information. Much of this information is super sensitive and is not considered directory information. To be sure that we know you understand the difference in directory and private information, MGCCC has a tutorial that you must complete before your first day on the job. You will find a link to the FERPA tutorial (Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act) in the Index to the left side of the page.

Adjunct FAQ

Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Jackson County Campus Emergency Action Plan (PDF)

Jackson County Campus Emergency Procedure Manual (PDF)

Professional Development

The Visual Learner (PDF)

Service Learning (PDF)

Canvas Instructor Quickstart Guide (PDF)

Employee Resources