Changes to Student Refund Delivery Method

higher_one_card_sampleMississippi Gulf Coast Community College will be partnering with Higher One®, to bring a new method for receiving your refunds and managing money to all Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College students — the MGCCC Bulldog Card.

Early in December you will receive a green envelope in the mail containing your MGCCC Bulldog Card. Don’t throw this away – you will need it to make your refund delivery selection. All students currently enrolled in a fall term class will receive the mailer whether you are receiving financial aid, or not.

How do you make the refund delivery selection?
Once you receive your card you will need to log into the website and choose from three refund delivery options:

  • Direct Deposit into your bank account
  • Direct Deposit into a new HigherOne checking account
  • Paper Check

Starting with the spring 2014 term MGCCC will no longer automatically issue refunds via check. You will need to make a refund delivery choice in order to receive your refund timely!

What do you need to do now?
Make sure we have your current mailing address! Here’s how:

Be sure to update your address with the US Postal service as well to avoid delays.

Then, beginning December look for the bright green envelope from Higher One! Once it arrives, you’ll simply use the card inside to let us know how you’d like to receive your money. Just choose the option that best fits you…and be sure to get started as soon as it arrives! Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a refund, we may have money for you in the future, so don’t wait.

Why are we making this change?
We’ve made the switch to Higher One’s services to simplify your life and your finances, and to free up our administrative staff so they have more time to focus on serving you the student. Not to mention Higher One offers smarter choices for refund delivery and a great variety of accounts designed with you in mind.

So who is Higher One?
Higher One is a company started by three college students who believed in a better way to help students receive and manage money. Learn more at

Have additional questions?
If you have questions regarding receiving your card, please contact your campus Business Office. Visit to learn more about the all-new MGCCC Bulldog Card coming to campus 12/13/2013.

  1. Jedidiah Spiller

    This might possibly be the greatest thing i have ever heard!!!!

  2. Kayla

    This is so much safer, I think this is a great idea and long overdo.

  3. Jessica

    I’m hearing a lot about fees. Can we hear more about the fees that come with using the card as debit or credit and if fees come with choosing to have it direst deposited or mailed?

  4. Jennifer

    What are the fees associated with using this card? I read where Higher One has fees when transferring funds, charging students a percentage to direct deposit, charging students 50cents per transaction using the card as a debit card. If there are fees, can students choose the checks to be mailed rather than the card option?

  5. philip dixon

    There is a support area at the link in the article, including a fee schedule.

    According to that fee schedule, you can avoid the $0.50 transaction fee by choosing “credit” rather than “debit” when making purchases with your card.

  6. tiff

    Ok great, and what info do we have on the “higher one checking account” that is available for deposit? Is this the same as a bank account? Do you have to apply for the account and can you deposit outside funds into this account treating it as a regular checking account??

  7. chris

    I just came from a school that used higher one. My campus had an Atm with no fee to withdraw cash. To check my balance or to use it on a purchase or transfer money there is a fee. There’s no fee to check balance online. The second semester I had it direct deposited to my local bank. This method took an extra week to get the money but I didn’t have all those extra fees.

  8. Mallory

    So next semester my Pell Grant money will be loaded on this card?

    • philip dixon

      Refunds can be loaded on the card. You have to decide if you want your refund on your card, in your bank account, or if you want a paper check.

  9. Ashlyn

    So will we get our refund money on the card when it comes in December? Or do we just get the card in December?

    • philip dixon

      You’ll get the cards in December. Refunds won’t start appearing on them until the Spring semester, starting in January, and then only if you choose to receive your refunds via your HigherOne account.

  10. Jedidiah Spiller

    I have done a lot of reading about the higherone cards, but I want my money as fast as possible of course. So, I don’t know if its better to get the funds direct deposited or to get the funds on the higherone card then just withdraw all the money?

  11. Rob

    Anyone who is worried about any possible associated fees, you can take $10 to almost any bank and open a free checking account with a savings account. Then you can just choose the direct deposit method.

  12. david

    Is this card used for the loans as well as the grants

    • philip dixon

      It is for any refund you receive, regardless of the source.

  13. Dave Blanchard

    November 9th, 2013, you wrote “You’ll get the cards in December. Refunds won’t start appearing on them until the Spring semester, starting in January, and then only if you choose to receive your refunds via your HigherOne account.”

    If I understand you correctly refunds will begin appearing on the HigherOne cards in January, 2014. Is this correct? Your answer to the question regarding when the cards will be loaded with refunds is a bit ambiguous. Will the refunds be loaded onto the Cards in January or will students have to wait the same amount of time, as in the past, for the school releases the funds months into the Spring Semester (which begins in January).

    • philip dixon

      Yes, that is my understanding. “Starting in January” is the information I was given, nothing was said about refunds appearing any sooner on the cards.

  14. Angel

    I looked on web services to change my deposit so it will go into my bank account, but I can not find how to do it. Can anyone help me out?

    • philip dixon

      The instructions should have been in the green envelope with your Bulldog Card. If you’re still having trouble contact the Business Office.

  15. Johnathan

    I actually enjoy this card. For the record guys, there is a 10 cent charge to use it as debit, so just use it as credit. Hopefully we get our funds this month because I for one am running out of gas money, and I just started a student worker job.

  16. Katey

    I just called the school an they said the earliest funds will be released is the 5th of January. Why does it take the school so long to release the funds. They receive the funding from the government within the first week of the semster. Why are they holding back our extra refunded money for a whole month?

    • Katey

      February *

  17. ching

    This Mgccc bulldog card is the worst ever. I’ve waited on this card for a whole month and never received it until I had to call the financial aid to request for a bull dog card. When I try to activate my account with card that finally came in a week later the website would not even let me get access to my account. It tells me to try again in ten minutes. Everytime I waited 10mins it didn’t work. This takes so much longer than receiving a paper check and it is such a hassle. I still haven’t received my refund money yet.