How To Register Online

Current students: Please use web registration only after seeing your adviser and receiving your registration PIN. For information on your advisor, click on Personal Information after logging in to web services.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your Password (PIN) or you do not know who your assigned advisor is, click I don’t know my PIN.

Access Web Services

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter your GCID (M#) and primary PIN. Click Login.
  3. Click on STUDENT 
  4. Click on REGISTRATION. From the menu, select CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS. This permits you to view any items that would prevent your registration: administrative holds, academic standing, curriculum, registration priority time.
  5. Click the BACK button once to return to the REGISTRATION menu.
  6. To use the Schedule Planner to help develop the perfect schedule, go to Schedule Planner.
  7. Select the TERM (semester) for registering classes, save & continue.
  8. Enter your registration PIN  you received from your adviser. Click on SUBMIT.
  9. On this page are common errors that can occur during registration. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter CRN’s (course reference number) for each course. Click on SUBMIT CHANGES.
  10. The same screen returns to confirm your registration. Scroll to the ADD/DROP portion to review your registered classes. Note any errors that occur. Registration can not be confirmed for classes with errors.
  11. To drop classes, click on ACTION button next to the course on your CURRENT SCHEDULE and select WEB DROPPED. Click on SUBMIT CHANGES.

Class Search

Use Schedule Planner to search for courses and develop the perfect schedule.

Beginner:  Schedule Planner Basics

Intermediate:  Customizing Campus Options

Intermediate: Using Locks to Narrow Down Schedules

Intermediate:  Customizing Parts of Term Options

Advanced: Using Custom Course Options

 Viewing Fees

When you have finished registering, you may view the fees associated with registration. Navigate to the REGISTRATION MENU. Select REGISTRATION FEE ASSESSMENT. Your fees for the term will be assessed for the classes you selected. To view your schedule, select STUDENT SCHEDULE BY DAY AND TIME.

How to print your schedule

Navigate to STUDENT.
Click the PRINT button on the Standard Tool Bar.

Checking Holds

If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register for classes. Please review the status of your holds online.
Click STUDENT RECORDS. Click on VIEW HOLDS to view any holds you may have. If you have a hold, it must be cleared before you can continue registration.

How to quit

When your registration is completed, click on EXIT (on the menu bar at the top of the web page).