Web Services Information and Primary PIN query

Obtaining an unofficial transcript with Web Services

Before obtaining your unofficial transcript, you must have a primary PIN.
You can determine your primary PIN number from the Primary PIN retrieval page.

Please follow these steps to obtain your personal transcript from the MGCCC website. This will not be considered official by another institution. It should be used for personal purposes only. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this:

Access Web Services

  1. Click on “Login to a Secure Area”
  2. Please enter “User ID” as your social security number / next please enter you PIN number (if you do not know/remember it; please click in the text above where it reads “Web Services Information” – it will walk you through how to obtain it. Once you have it please continue with these steps. You should receive it within a few moments)
  3. After you have entered User ID and PIN number, click “Login”
  4. Click on “Student Services and Financial Aid”
  5. Click on “Student Records”
  6. Click on “Academic Transcript Display”
  7. Next, options should automatically come up as “Transcript level: All levels” & “Transcript type: Unofficial transcript.” That is correct – click “Submit”
  8. Now your personal unofficial transcript of your academic performance should be displayed – scroll down to view.

How to exit

When you have finished, click on EXIT (on the menu bar at the top of the web page).