Fourteen students win in college writing competition, creative writing journal wins state award

Cover of the 2018 creative writing journal Illumination

The 2018 Student Creative Writing Competition was held at the Jackson County Campus in April.  Winners were chosen from the short story, personal essay, fixed-verse poetry, free-verse poetry and critical-essay categories.

Winners in the Short Story category are “My Scars” by Makayla Cuevas, first place; “First Flight” by Sidney E. Searles, second place; and “A Fractured Fairy Tale” by Megan McGee, third place.

Personal Essay category winners are “The Code Office Chronicles” by Paul Redmond, first place; “Journal Report” by Stephen Donnelly, second place; and “The House That Should Be Forgotten” by William Bishop and “Searching For My Sister” by Matthew Lindstrom, tied for third place.

Winners in the Fixed Verse Poetry category are “Feathered Majesty” by Elias Papalambros, first place; “Light” by Samantha Rhodes, second place; and “A Hollow Plague” by Elias Papalambros, third place.

Free Verse Poetry category winners are “Mary Had a Little Substance Abuse Problem” by Stephen Donnelly, first place; “For a Midwinter Morning” by Jacob Bieker, second place; and “Your Cigarette Scorched My Throat But I Still Wear A Smile” by Kristin Lee, third place.

One winner was chosen in the Critical Essay category, “Critical Analysis of Heidegger’s Being and Time” by Kevin Reinhardt, first place.

Winners’ works were published in Illumination, the college’s creative writing journal.

Additionally, the 2017 edition of Illumination won second place in the statewide contest competing against other Mississippi community colleges.  The Language Arts Department at the Perkinston Campus submitted the journal, and the winner was announced in April.

Responsibility for the journal’s publication switches between the campuses.  The 2017 journal was compiled and published by the Perkinston Campus Language Arts Department. Original artwork is submitted by art students at each campus.

“This is a great honor for MGCCC to be recognized for their creative writing Involvement in the state,” said Dr. Gaye Winter, faculty organizer for the 2017 competition.  “All creative writing programs at each campus should be commended for this recognition.”

Cover of the state award-winning creative writing journal, the 2017 Illumination

Cover of the state award-winning creative writing journal, the 2017 Illumination

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