Gold Medal Classic Parent Job List and donations for Hospitality Rooms

There will be approximately 125 directors, staff and drivers that we will be accommodating through the Hospitality Rooms.  The following items are what we are in need of for our hospitality rooms:
paper plates
plastic utensils
Soft Drinks
powdered creamer
Below are the jobs and times where we will need parent workers for the Gold Medal Classic.

Please contact Mrs. McDonald at 601-528-8407 or to sign up for a slot or for donations.

Parent Job List – Gold Medal Classic

Director Hospitality – Stadium

1pm-4:30pm                                      ____Marie Papale___________        ______________________________


4:30pm-9pm                                      _____Jane Brown__________        ______________________________


Bus/Truck Driver Hospitality – BSU

1pm-4:30pm                                      _____Ada Palode____________        ______________________________


4:30pm-9pm                                      _________________________        ______________________________


Main Gate – Ticket Sales – Stadium

1pm-4:30pm                                      ____Lelia Gottberg____________        ______________________


4:30pm-9pm                                      ______Sandy Overby_________        _______Mike Overby_____


Band of Grams – Stadium

1pm-4:30pm                                      ___Renee Easterling_______


4:30pm-9pm                                      ___Jane Brown__________


Program Sales – Stadium

1pm-4:30pm                                      _________________________


4:30pm-9pm                                      _________________________


T-Shirt Sales – Stadium

1pm-4:30pm                                      ___Ella Redmon____________


4:30pm-9pm                                      ____Karen Beinhauer_______



Bus Parking/Security – Behind BSU

1pm-4:30pm                                      _________________________


4:30pm-9pm                                      _________________________

Equipment Gate and Sideline

All Day                                     ___Suzette and Jon Beaudoin___