Honors Program

Honors Application (PDF)

In this program, small, intensive classes are taught by some of the college’s outstanding instructors. High achieving and talented students participate in an innovative program that’s rich in stimulation — a program that gives individualized attention and challenge.

The Honors Program calls for students who possess a high intellect and enthusiasm for learning and an excellent potential for growth and development. Participants also share a concern for world issues, like the environment, politics, crises and ethics. And for a select number of students, the program provides academic as well as financial opportunities.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on class ranking, ACT scores and faculty recommendation. Eligible students receive a full academic tuition scholarship, priority registration, a seminar/study room, sessions with the college president, and enhanced opportunities for transfer scholarships.

For more information about the Honors Program at MGCCC, download the Honors Program brochure below or contact the Honors Program campus directors.

  • Perkinston Campus
    Ms. Gayle Greene-Aguirre
    Office: Dees 128
    (601) 528-8938