Gulf Coast Album: A Journey in Historic Photographs 1899-2011 From New Orleans Across the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Mobile

Charles L. Sullivan

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On August 29, 2005, Katrina destroyed 65,000 homes and 65,000 family albums on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This Gulf Coast Album contains a selection of the best of 46,000 images taken principally from two Coast photographic collections. Together they span the period 1925 through 1980. The two collections are the C.C. “Tex” Hamill Down South Magazine Collection and the Dixie Press Collection. In preserving the images of a world now gone for those who once lived there and for those who, after Katrina, never can, this Album makes a vital contribution to the history of the Coast.


Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College: A History, 1911-2000

Charles L. Sullivan

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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College: A History, 1911-2000. 608 pages of information and 1,235 photos related to MGCCC and South Mississippi. This is the most comprehensive study of a community college in American history. Anyone who ever attended the institution and indeed, anyone in Mississippi, should be proud to own a piece of Mississippiana of this magnitude. The selling price is the cost to produce the book. It could never be produced so cheaply again, so it will never be reprinted.





Hurricanes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: Three Centuries of Destruction

Charles L. Sullivan

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Hurricanes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: Three Centuries of Destruction. Spiral bound with 180 pages illustrated with 188 photos–41 in color, the book spans the period from 1717 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The work provides updated stories and photos of Camille survivors and a list of the storm’s casualties. Dr. Steve Lyons and Jim Cantore, both of The Weather Channel, provide forewords for the book.





The Longleaf and Me A-Z

Cassibry, Jones, Lewis

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$10.70 – Softcover

“The Longleaf and Me A-Z” by Sandra Cassibry, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) art instructor, Jeffery Jones, MGCCC Graphic Design Technology instructor, and Kathryn Lewis, consultant and former MGCCC fine-arts instructor, combines simple scientific information with vibrant artwork created by elementary school children and community college students.

Through wood-block, linocut art and photographs, the book highlights such South Mississippi wildlife as the gopher tortoise, raccoon and turkey vulture, and such plant life as kudzu, dogwood and magnolias. The book creatively shows what the animals look like, explains the habitat and diet of the local wildlife, and why some plants thrive in the South’s humid, warm climate.

“The Longleaf and Me A-Z” is a partnership with MGCCC, the Mississippi Arts Commission, Mississippi Power, Mississippi Coastal Plains Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. and Project Learning Tree, GreenWorks. The project and related activities and publications are dedicated to energizing learning by combining art, reading, science and the local environment. The project’s coordinators, sponsors, writers and artists gratefully acknowledge the contributions of zoo and museum experts, teachers, and local biologists.



The Watershed and Me A-Z

Cassibry, Jones, Lewis

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A book about water and the people, plants and animals that use it.

Inspired by elementary students in Stone County, who partnered with MGCCC Perkinston Campus art and graphic arts students and faculty, supported by biologists and environmental specialists.

Arts Integrated Experiences for Third through Fifth Grade Students. Aligned to Common Core Standards and Mississippi’s Frameworks. Emphasis on non-fiction informational text and science competencies.
Hands-on lesson with extensions
Taught by MAC Teaching Artist Roster artists
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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
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