Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College fall 2017 Vice Presidents’ Lists

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College released the Vice Presidents’ Lists for the fall 2017 semester. Students who earn 12 or more semester hours with 3.30 to 3.99 grade point average receive this honor.

Students from the George County Center are Kyler D. Mahaffey, Biloxi; Jacob D. Gentry, Moss Point; Ashley M. Hinton, Lucedale; Jorden R. Hayford, Leakesville; Tre C. Hawley, Lucedale; Madison G. Lott, Lucedale; Abigail K. Hallman, Lucedale; Megan A. Wright, Lucedale; Brenda S. Holland, Lucedale; Justice S. Mancell, Lucedale; Catherine N. Griffin, Lucedale; Cindy A. McDonald, Beaumont; Jamie N. McLeod, Lucedale; Laquenton T. Goins, Lucedale; Vicki L. Gibson, Lucedale; Mallory C. Jones, Lucedale; Ronald J. Allen, Moss Point; Carrie S. Mcleod, Lucedale; Taylor A. Mcleod, Beaumont; Pike G. Frey, Lucedale; Amye L. Fairley, Lucedale; Dara D. Estis, Lucedale; Kyle A. Estes, Lucedale; Raylin Parker, Lucedale; Craig A. Pigott, Lucedale; Shauntavia B. Polk, Gautier; Kabrey R. Dix, Lucedale; Kayla D. Radcliff, Lucedale; Jessica D. Davis, Lucedale; Dane A. Reeves, Lucedale; Heather L. Davis, Lucedale; Emily N. Dale, Lucedale; Kaelen L. Richardson, Lucedale; Chasity B. Cowart, Leakesville; Mark E. Rouse, Lucedale; Whitney A. Rucker, Lucedale; Courtney B. Cooley, Lucedale; Morgan R. Williams, Lucedale; Margaret M. Salter, Lucedale; Leslie A. Cobb, Lucedale; Crystal N. Scruggs, Perkinston; Delaney Sikorski, Lucedale; Jocelyn R. Smith, Lucedale; Robbie J. Spears, Lucedale; Diamond D. Campbell, Lucedale; Sharli L. Burroughs, Hurley; Jade K. Bryant, Lucedale; Allison L. Swann, Lucedale; Cheyenne M. Brown, Moss Point; Elizabeth G. Brockway, Lucedale; Kayla R. Tanner, Lucedale; Raymon Tanner, Lucedale; Sadie R. Tanner, Lucedale; Justin Torres, Lucedale; Cinthia E. Torrez, Lucedale; Tristen T. Braddock, Lucedale; Madison A. Blackwell, Lucedale; Carolyn O. Bayles, Moss Point; Breanna D. Walters, Lucedale; Courtnee M. Waltman, Lucedale; Holly E. Watson, Lucedale; Slade O. Beech, Lucedale; and Jessica J. King, Lucedale.

Jackson County Campus students are Nikolas Beckstein, Vancleave; Carman L. Beech, Gautier; Christopher A. Beaugez, Ocean Springs; Nicholas D. White, Gulfport; Serena D. Bell, Biloxi; Connor S. White, Hurley; Jermain M. Wesley, Moss Point; Sarisa D. Benjamin, Lucedale; DerrickBennett, Ocean Springs; Brittany L. Benson, Long Beach; Dalton L. Webb, Vancleave; Sarah K. Watson, Moss Point; Jacob T. Beasley, Vancleave; Anne M. Berry, Biloxi; Deamonte L. Watson, Moss Point; Alexa N. Ware, Ocean Springs; Timothy E. White, Moss Point; Joshua B. Bazzel, Saraland; Ryheim M. Walley, Moss Point; Sarah A. Billingsley, Vancleave; Justina H. Billy, Pascagoula; Jamie N. Binkney, Vancleave; Andrew P. Bird, Saucier; Rebecca Wade, Gautier; Addison H. Wade, Ocean Springs; Todd J. Vidrine, Ocean Springs; Connor K. Bivens, Biloxi; Jared D. Victory, Ocean Springs; Emily A. Bawcum, Ocean Springs; Shelby M. Blades, Ocean Springs; Haleigh V. Blanchard, Irvinton; Tyler N. VanNorman, Gulfport; Danielle Van Horn, Biloxi; Lee A. Valencia-Spooner, Ocean Springs; Carina Urias, Pascagoula; Shannon Unger, Gautier; Richard P. Unger, Gautier; Rose M. Bodrey, Lucedale; Patrick A. Boettcher, Ocean Springs; Stephen C. Boike, Mobile; Akmaral Bolatbek, Ocean Springs; Larry G. Turner, Ocean Springs; Savannah L. Bollman, Vancleave; Cristal O. Turner, Gautier; Shakel K. Bolton, Gautier; Daniel L. Bonafede, Ocean Springs; Conner H. Bond, Ocean Springs; Caleb Turner, Lucedale; Ashleigh Turner, Lucedale; Abbey Boney-Medley, Ocean Springs; Ryan J. Bonneau, Biloxi; Olivia A. Boone, Biloxi; Brittany N. Bordelon, Gulfport; Adam T. Bosarge, Vancleave; Austin Bosarge, Bayou La Batre; Justin A. Tubb, Moss Point; Katie Boudreaux, Mobile; Johnny L. Truong, Biloxi; Chi-Khang C. Truong, Ocean Springs; Brianna J. Trosclair, Vancleave; Haleigh E. Bourn, Moss Point; Mikayla R. Trochesset, Biloxi; Michael J. Trippe, Slidell; Treena` T. Tran, Ocean Springs; Devan L. Whitfield, Moss Point; Jamal D. Bradford, Gautier; Orlando D. Bradford, Gautier; Katherine L. Bradley, Lucedale; Timothy K. Bradley, Biloxi; Jamie T. Tran, Ocean Springs; Aubrey D. Whittemore, Ocean Springs; Hayley M. Braucht, Moss Point; Stephanie Torres, Ocean Springs; Robert W. Whittington, Lucedale; Taela Tillman, Pascagoula; Kaitlyn L. Tiblier, Ocean Springs; Chase A. Thurber, Ocean Springs; Hendrix E. Brentz, Ocean Springs; Greyson M. Thornley, Moss Point; Rachel A. Thompson, Moss Point; Kodie R. Thomas, Ocean Springs; Brooke E. Thomas, Lucedale; Sonya D. Teal, Pascagoula; Patrick S. Taylor, Lucedale; Braden L. Tate, Gautier; Michael A. Barton, Long Beach; Alexander D. Wilde, Gautier; Christopher L. Barnes, Biloxi; Caitlin C. Barnes, Lucedale; Katelyn N. Tanner, Lucedale; Brianna M. Brown, Coden; Byron A. Barnes, Gautier; Connor T. Brown, Moss Point; Lindsey D. Brown, Mobile; Charles W. Tan, Mobile; Anna M. Sweeting, Vancleave; Rebecca L. Brown, Coden; Brianna Barnes, Moss Point; Bo T. Swan, Long Beach; Gunner T. Bryant, Theodore; Camryn E. Wilkerson, Lucedale; Hailey N. Surian, Biloxi; Jade C. Sullivan, Ocean Springs; Alex C. Bufkin, Lucedale; Amelia G. Sullivan, Ocean Springs; Jasmine Bui, Biloxi; Jonathan D. Buie, Pascagoula; Joshua E. Stuart, Gautier; James L. Strong, Ocean Springs; Brandon T. Stricklin, Ocean Springs; Anna L. Bunch, Gautier; Haleigh B. Stork, Grand Bay; Nicholas I. Stewart, Moss Point; Danial Stewart, Gautier; Rylie L. Stephens, Ocean Springs; Justin R. Steffens, Vancleave; Savannah H. Burkhardt, D’Iberville; Alton L. Williams, Moss Point; Bobbi J. Burton, Pascagoula; Christa M. Burton, Pascagoula; Sasha M. Stefenko, D’Iberville; Joshua C. Bush, Biloxi; Jathan J. Staton, Lucedale; Christina N. Starratt, Ocean Springs; Niyah J. Stanton, Pascagoula; Christian S. Stanley, Mobile; Landry W. Cain, Pascagoula; Shania C. Stallworth, Gautier; John S. Squires, Chickasaw; Karina N. Calvo, Pascagoula; Carin E. Camp, Gautier; Gabrielle E. Spicer, Ocean Springs; Ann M. Williams, Moss Point; Steven W. Campbell, Escatawpa; Haley L. Canterbury, Vancleave; Diamonte’ D. Williams, Moss Point; Madelyn Sparks, Hurley; William J. Carlucci, Biloxi; Terence L. Smith, Biloxi; Gavin O. Carter, Ocean Springs; Seantelle A. Smith, Moss Point; Rachael L. Casey, Ocean Springs; Paityn B. Smith, Biloxi; Michael T. Smith, Biloxi; Meghan C. Smith, Long Beach; Jesus J. Barajas, Pascagoula; Chelbi L. Cates, Biloxi; Jazmine S. Smith, Ocean Springs; Sydney M. Cato, Ocean Springs; Devin R. Smith, Pass Christian; Courtney E. Cerone, Ocean Springs; Destini G. Smith, Ocean Springs; Camery D. Smith, Pascagoula; Cameron M. Smith, Ocean Springs; Alexis M. Chaney, Gautier; Bryan J. Smith, Gautier; Kelsey A. Chappell, Vancleave; Jayde E. Charbonnet, Vancleave; Zaria L. Singleton, Gulfport; Jolene A. Chisolm, Moss Point; Cody L. Bannister, Gautier; Aaron Shivers, Ocean Springs; Allison L. Clark, Ocean Springs; Daelyn B. Clark, Pascagoula; Jessica K. Clark, Lucedale; Cheyenne L. Shaw, Saucier; Breanna M. Shaw, Ocean Springs; Timothy J. Clark, Vancleave; Hunter J. Sharpe, Semmes; Laquita A. Shanks, Pascagoula; Pietro Serra, Gautier; Mariah L. Sermons, Ocean Springs; Amy N. Seal, Moss Point; Tommy L. Clifford, Ocean Springs; Jeremy G. Williams, Ocean Springs; Katelynn D. Williams, Lucedale; Stephanie M. Cochran, Vancleave; Gabrielle A. Scott, Lucedale; Dalton E. Schenk, Escatawpa; Spencer E. Cockrell, Pass Christian; Lina A. Sathchakham, Theodore; Kaycee N. Sanders, Pascagoula; Vanessa M. Cole, Biloxi; Jonathan K. Sanders, Pascagoula; Devon E. Coleman, Biloxi; José A. Colon-Santiago, Gautier; Danelle C. Compton, Biloxi; Cheyenne M. Conner, Perkinston; Cecil W. Sanders, Gautier; Logan G. Williams, Ocean Springs; Freddy Sahawneh, Ocean Springs; Cassondra Cook, Ocean Springs; Jessica H. Rushing, Vancleave; Ruben C. Ruiz Banks, Pascagoula; Christopher M. Baker, Saucier; Caleb R. Baker, Lumberton; Byran J. Cooper, Moss Point; Juleon Cooper, Gautier; Robin L. Cosmich, Ocean Springs; Chaia S. Roy, Pascagoula; Melissa L. Rouse, Moss Point; Sydney L. Williams, Crystal Springs; Katrina L. Rouse, Vancleave; Hana N. Rouse, Saucier; Claudia Ross, Gautier; Corbyn T. Cowan, Moss Point; Trenton R. Williams, Mobile; William C. Rose, Ocean Springs; Erin M. Cox, Ocean Springs; Jessica L. Rodriguez, Ocean Springs; Courtney R. Roche, Moss Point; Roderick D. Crenshaw, Ocean Springs; Joshua J. Robinson, Moss Point; James Robinson, Biloxi; Mahalia K. Crowder, Biloxi; Hanna R. Crowell, Pascagoula; Vanessa Cruz, Ocean Springs; Ty D. Roberts, Irvington; Carrie E. Rishel, Long Beach; Jacey A. Ring, Moss Point; Dalton Cuevas, Pass Christian; Jay A. Richey, Irvington; Makayla D. Cuevas, Gulfport; Tyler C. Cullen, Ocean Springs; Nylexcia Richardson, Moss Point; Harrie Cunningham, Moss Point; John J. Cunningham, Lucedale; Krystyn N. Richardson, Moss Point; Maghan A. Curry, Moss Point; Walter A. Williams, Mobile; Ashley N. Dahl, Vancleave; Madison E. Dahlgren,; Justin E. Dailey, Moss Point; Nadia N. Willingham, Gautier; Aubrey C. Dallas, Moss Point; Lynn Dang, Irvington; Matthew T. Rice, Pascagoula; Kayla D. Daniels, Ocean Springs; Braeden V. Danyow, Ocean Springs; Delaney A. Davidson, Moss Point; Rebekka Fairley, Vancleave; Matthew M. Rhodes, Ocean Springs; Hannah F. Rhodes, Ocean Springs; Dylan A. Rhodes, DIberville; Kati E. Reus, Lucedale; Andrew S. Repka, Gautier; Amber D. Reising, Moss Point; William H. Reeves, Lucedale; Elyshia M. Davis, Ocean Springs; Sage M. Wilsey, Gautier; Billy O. Wilson, Gautier; Jerrod T. Davis, Gautier; Janescia L. Armstrong, Ocean Springs; Angelica A. Reese, Gautier; Kody P. Davis, Lucedale; Logan P. Davis, Ocean Springs; Roger P. Davis, Gautier; Shawn C. Davis, Moss Point; Toyonda R. Reed, Saraland; Niegireia L. Reddix, Vancleave; Emily J. Reamey, Vancleave; William R. Reading, Ocean Springs; Jim A. DeLoach, Biloxi; Christy C. Deakle, Gautier; Gavin R. Deakle, Biloxi; Hollie Dean, Moss Point; Hannah E. Rayborn, Pascagoula; Joshua D. Dedeaux, Vancleave; Ashley R. Ramsey, Mobile; Whitney Rainey, Lucedale; Dakota A. Denton, Pascagoula; Jacob S. Raines, Moss Point; Endeara A. Wilson, Vancleave; Mallory P. Devera, Lucedale; James M. Rabalais, Bay Saint Louis; Chrystalyn K. Purvis, Biloxi; Alyssa R. Diaz, Ocean Springs; Dakota O. Dickinson, Lucedale; Samuel N. Pullen, Gulfport; Darren L. Pritchett, Gautier; Steffen E. Powell, Ocean Springs; Mark D. Powell, Ocean Springs; Jasmine R. Pope, Moss Point; Morgandy E. Ard, Moss Point; Lauren M. Archey, Lucedale; Shaunetra L. Polk, Gautier; Skye O. Pitts, Gautier; Aaliyah S. Dock, Lucedale; Robert C. Pittman, Ocean Springs; Alexis M. Pittman, Ocean Springs; Kayla D. Anglin, Ocean Springs; Sydney E. Pierce, Moss Point; Larissa D. Pierce, Vancleave; Shauna C. Phaxay, Saint Elmo; Ashley Dubose, Pascagoula; Ethan R. Pettis, Ocean Springs; Andrew G. Peters, Gautier; Mackenzie L. Perry, Moss Point; Brennen A. Perry, Vancleave; Ariana J. Perry, Moss Point; Myles J. Duggan, Ocean Springs; Aida L. Perenda, Ocean Springs; Shannon E. Peel, Gulfport; Ava N. Dupree, Pascagoula; Jacob D. Durham, Semmes; Alex J. Payton, Moss Point; Shilona S. Dye, Saucier; Rachel L. Payne, Vancleave; Jason E. Pauley, Ocean Springs; Riley S. Eagan, Semmes; Anna R. Patteson, Ocean Springs; Terri G. Eby, Diamondhead; Priya P. Patel, Daphne; Madison J. Pate, Vancleave; Shelby R. Ehlers, Gautier; Alexandria I. Elliott, Gautier; Bianka Parzych, APO; Brandon L. Parks, Mobile; Araceli Angle, Ocean Springs; Azjel N. Parham, Ocean Springs; Laurel A. Emile, Ocean Springs; Simon A. Palmer, Moss Point; Michelle K. Overby, Pascagoula; Mary H. English, Ocean Springs; Jarrod M. Otis, D’Iberville; Clayton I. Eppes, D’Iberville; Anderson A. Esquilin, Gautier; Samuel R. Ordahl, Vancleave; James R. Olsen, Pascagoula; Madelyn L. Wilson, Vancleave; Quentin V. Wilson, Gautier; Andrew T. Olsen, Gautier; Taylor S. Olier, Pascagoula; Ana L. Ochoa, Biloxi; Blakeney E. O’Brien, Lucedale; Vy T. Nguyen, Diberville; Vi N. Nguyen, Biloxi; Tam M. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Kaitlin M. Nguyen, Moss Point; Aysea S. Fahnestock, Ocean Springs; Crystal N. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Allen C. Fairley, Moss Point; William G. Wilson, Vancleave; Rebekka L. Fairley, Vancleave; Alexander P. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Destany M. Farmer, Ocean Springs; Crystal C. Neff, Gulfport; Richard K. Necaise, Moss point; Blayton A. Necaise, Gulfport; Hannah S. Neal, Biloxi; Rebecca V. Nash, Lucedale; Mariah Ferrell, Pascagoula; Chaney E. Ferrill, Ocean Springs; William H. Mullinix, Mobile; Kaitlin L. Mouring, Saucier; Seth H. Morrison, Wiggins; Tonya J. Fleming, Moss Point; Collin N. Flint, Ocean Springs; Nicole N. Morrison, Biloxi; Jonathan A. Morgan, Ocean Springs; Morgan C. Flores, Pascagoula; Jacob R. Moran, Picayune; Haylee M. Morales, Ocean Springs; Natalie P. Moorman, Moss Point; Bailey E. Flowers-Daniels, Ocean Springs; Charles W. Moody, Mobile; Jamesha S. Monroe, Pascagoula; Snathae M. Franklin, Lucedale; Lesa O. Moncrieffe, Ocean Springs; Michael H. Mitchell, D’Iberville; Hannah M. Anderson, Grand Bay; Geb F. Fricke, Bay St. Louis; Emily D. Fulcher, Ocean Springs; Hannah N. Fuller, Moss Point; Cayce C. Fulton, Moss Point; Cameron B. Mitchell, Ocean Springs; Barbara A. Miller, Lucedale; Mandella A. Middleton, Moss Point; Corbin Merrill, Ocean Springs; Ricki T. Melton,; Dolores S. Gambill, Vancleave; Hannah L. Gantt, Pascagoula; Cynthia Garcia, Pascagoula; Lamonica C. Melton, Gautier; Nicole M. Melendez, Pascagoula; Jade Meehan, Gautier; Elizabeth P. Anderson, Ocean Springs; Jacob A. Mcleod, Mobile; Tristan S. Allsup, Semmes; Amber L. Gasaway, Moss point; Terek W. Mcdonald, Moss Point; Tawanna L. Gatson, Gulfport; Terrell T. Mcadams, Moss Point; Brandon Gehringer, Mobile; Herman S. Gentry, Moss Point; Tilena R. Womack, Mobile; Samuel G. Alexander, Pascagoula; Mariah C. McWilliams, Vancleave; Corina C. McSwain, Biloxi; Whitley A. McQueen, Kiln; Kimberly A. Giribaldi, Pascagoula; Priscilla S. McQueen, Kiln; Charlesa O. McPherson, Pascagoula; Khrysthal M. Glynn, Moss Point; Michael D. McMackin, Vancleave; Candice R. Goff, Ocean Springs; Jerry L. Goff, Moss Point; Summer C. Goff, Vancleave; Mark D. Wood, Gulfport; Max C. Gollotte, Biloxi; Kristen B. Woodall, Gautier; Drew A. McInnis, Moss Point; Elisa W. McDonald, Moss Point; Xandria G. Goodnight, Moss Point; Johnny R. Woodland, Gulfport; Jay N. Graham, Ocean Springs; Jaclyn L. McDaniel, Gautier; Cynthia R. Gramuglia, Ocean Springs; JuJuan Grant, Moss Point; Kiana L. McCorvey, Moss Point; Brittany N. Gray, Virginia Beach; Ramsay M. McCarra, Escatawpa; Berneadette M. Grayson, Ocean Springs; Jaylin F. Mazingo, Pascagoula; Taylor B. May, Ocean Springs; Marvin B. Maxey, D’Iberville; Larry D. Green, Moss Point; Dylan B. Greene, Vancleave; Jansen B. Mauffray, Diamondhead; James A. Gregory, Grand Bay; Meagan L. Matkins, Moss Point; Kaitlyn M. Aldrich, Theodore; Dakota M. Mathewson, Biloxi; Kimberly Griffith, Pascagoula; Nicholas A. Mastro, Biloxi; Marie T. Massey, Ocean Springs; Wilfred Masongsong, Gulfport; Austin S. Guillotte, Gautier; Candace C. Martinez, Diamondhead; Shianne N. Martin, Biloxi; Madison B. Gunter, Moss Point; Pamela Y. Martin, Gautier; Daniel R. Martin, Gulfport; Hunter Guy, Pascagoula; Alexis B. Maples, Lucedale; Deyenit A. Manjarres Graterol, Gautier; Alana L. Workman, Biloxi; Chauncey W. Hall, Ocean Springs; Thomas S. Mallon, Irvington; Amy E. Maher, Pascagoula; Preston B. Hall, Spanish Fort; Tanner W. Hall, Wilmer; Garrett T. Akridge, Mobile; Sean B. Wright, Ocean Springs; Grant T. Magnusson, Moss Point; Elizabeth A. Hamilton, Pascagoula; Emily A. Hamilton, Moss Point; Sarah A. Hamilton, Moss Point; Kaytlin A. Maggard, Gautier; James E. Luzenberg, Saucier; Cameron J. Hankins, Vancleave; Taylor C. Lunsford, Vancleave; Crystal G. Harbin, Moss Point; Ethan D. Lucas, Lucedale; George R. Adler, Vancleave; Christian A. Longino, Gautier; Hezekiah K. Long, Gautier; Angela L. London, Vancleave; Madison A. Lock, Vancleave; Claire H. Hartsfield, Ocean Springs; Falicia Harvey, Pascagoula; Kristy M. Harvey, Biloxi; Michael S. Linton, Ocean Springs; Brendan J. Licht, Irvington; Kyra L. Lewis, Pascagoula; Christopher L. Lewis, Vancleave; Kory D. Leonard, Picayune; Justice C. Havens, Lucedale; Taylor A. Wright, Ocean Springs; Isaiah Hayes, Moss Point; Stephen Wyatt, Gulfport; Ricky A. Hays, Vancleave; Victoria Leger, Vancleave; Christian L. Lee, Ocean Springs; Michael J. Hedegaard, Lucedale; Christian Hembree, Pascagoula; Andrew C. Lee, Ocean Springs; Ariel N. Leaver, Ocean springs; Markeston D. Henard, Gautier; Elijah S. Hendee, Ocean Springs; Micheal C. Hendricks, Vancleave; Tina T. Le, Biloxi; Lily N. Le, Ocean Springs; Kyle Le, Ocean Springs; Kyle D. Le, Ocean Springs; Yessica Hernandez, Gautier; Dustin Le, Ocean Springs; Ashley L. Herron, Vancleave; Alex D. Lawrence, Pascagoula; Caleb R. Lassitter, Moss Point; Seth Langston, Ocean Springs; Anastasia S. Langford, Gautier; Angela M. Lane, Moss Point; Whitley M. Lamey, Biloxi; Chrystal D. Hill, Moss Point; Payten T. Lambert, Moss Point; Katelynd C. Hill, Moss Point; Matthew S. Hillman, Mclain; Tolbert S. Hines, Grand Bay; Amber N. Young, Moss Point; Megan V. Lafontaine, Waveland; Leslie L. Hinton, Gautier; Morgan S. Ladner, Biloxi; Kim T. Hoang, Ocean Springs; Stephanie T. Hoang, Ocean Springs; Christina R. Hobbs, Gulfport; Megan K. Ladner, Gulfport; David A. Ladner, Poplarville; Selena-Madison E. Kuhn, Hurley; Christopher J. Kouba, Pass Christian; Jesse K. Young, Moss Point; Darren S. Klosowsky, Lucedale; Sabra L. Holland, Vancleave; Braden Kline, Lucedale; Hunter E. Holliday, Biloxi; Margaret A. Holliday, Ocean Springs; Travis C. Kirkland, Lucedale; Sydney L. Kirkland, Lucedale; Samuel J. King, Pascagoula; Ryan A. King, Raymond; Samuel Beaugez, Ocean Springs; Brooklyn J. King, Biloxi; Briana J. Kilgore, Pascagoula; Cristina L. Hopkins, Moss Point; Kyler S. Ketnor, Lucedale; Evan J. Kern, Gulfport; Joshua L. Hopson, Gautier; Jordan A. Kennedy, Pascagoula; Dawson W. Keener, Grand Bay; Jackson T. Houston, Vancleave; Mariah N. Houston, Moss Point; Ethan Howard, Gautier; Caitlen A. Keel, Vancleave; Jeffery J. Howell, Ocean Springs; Brandy S. Hubbard, D’Iberville; Jordan J. Joseph, Moss Point; Shelby L. Hudson, Lucedale; India J. Joseph, Vancleave; Brandy N. Abbott, Gautier; Mykala F. Huffman, Vancleave; Jacob M. Hughes, Ocean Springs; Kye W. Humphrey, Moss Point; Robert Johnson, Gulfport; Nikia M. Johnson, Pascagoula; Ashley F. Johnson, Long Beach; Darryl E. Hunter, Mobile; Morgan M. John, Ocean Springs; Ashly N. Hurt, Ocean Springs; Joshua S. Hurtt, Wilmer; Harry V. Huynh, Grand Bay; Le’Neezia D. Jethrow, Ocean Springs; Romoreo N. James, Theodore; Avry T. Ingram, Moss Point; Kendrick James, Moss Point; Jasmine M. Jackson, Moss Point; and Kayla M. Zisa, Gautier.

Students from the Jefferson Davis Campus are Sha’Mario N. Jackson, Gulfport; Zachary A. Agent, Gulfport; Jessie A. James, Biloxi; Darnesha Jackson, Biloxi; Alison Ignacio, Gulfport; Britton B. Ainsworth, Ocean Springs; Haley M. Wright, Gulfport; Colten A. Wright, Gulfport; Charles E. Albert, Gulfport; Rebecca E. Jenkins, Diamondhead; Ashlynn A. Jennings, Bay St. Louis; Jacquelyn D. Hyatt, D’Iberville; Ryan M. Joachim, Biloxi; Kristan V. Woods, Biloxi; Breann N. Woods, Pass Christian; Alisa K. Woods, Bay St Louis; Austin D. Alexander, Waveland; Hunter S. Johnson, Lucedale; Keiara N. Johnson, Gulfport; Larcorius D. Johnson, Gulfport; Marishia M. Johnson, Ocean Springs; Miyah K. Alexander, Biloxi; Nakia Johnson, Gulfport; Megan C. Hunsinger, Biloxi; Houston W. Allen, Saucier; Joseph W. Humphreys, Ocean Springs; Cheryl L. Woltz, Diamondhead; Michael W. Zarske, Gulfport; Angela M. Wise, Biloxi; Kalei A. Jones, Gulfport; Airene P. Huffman, Gulfport; Brian C. Wirth, Pascagoula; John D. Anderson, Gulfport; Thomas F. Hudson, Gulfport; Marshall B. Anderson, Ocean Springs; Katlyn M. Andrews, Gulfport; Allison E. Kaletsch, Long Beach; Sadie J. Atkinson; Ashlynn N. House, Gulfport; Patrick W. Attwell, Long Beach; Caitlyn A. Kennedy, Carriere; Myeisha L. Horne, Gulfport; Whitney M. Kennedy, Gulfport; James F. Willis, Vancleave; Ravin B. Hopkins, Saucier; Mary L. Williamson, Gulfport; Samantha L. Bailey, Gulfport; Aaron M. Hopkins, Diamondhead; Denise Kinchen, Gulfport; Travis K. Baker, Lucedale; Makyla S. Williams, Biloxi; Kathleen A. King, Bay St. Louis; Michaela T. Baldwin, Ocean Springs; Makayla Holloway, Gulfport; Kimberly A. Hollon, Diamondhead; Amanda D. Holliman, Saucier; Keshunia Williams, Biloxi; Jiequel N. Williams, Gulport; Hayley M. Holland, Gulfport; Jessica L. Williams, Perkinston; Jalyn C. Barfield, Pass Christian; Barton M. Williams, Ocean Springs; Pricilla M. Barlow, Gulfport; Zachary R. Kramer, Ocean Springs; Stephanie S. Barlow, Long Beach; Cade M. Ladner, Picayune; Seasons I. Wildhaber, Long Beach; Cory M. Ladner, Biloxi; Brianna J. Hogan, Biloxi; Kayla S. Ladner, Gulfport; Jordan T. Wildhaber, Long Beach; Meredith J. Barnes, Gulfport; Michele L. Ladner, Saucier; Zachary L. Wilborn, Gulfport; Madison Y. Widel, Biloxi; Madolyn K. Bateman, Gulfport; Kaitlin M. Baugh, Biloxi; Brittany M. Hinton, Gulfport; Marjorie B. Lam, Gulfport; Cheyenne Lama, Gulfport; Abigail T. Whiten, Gulfport; Hannah M. Whitehead, Ocean Springs; Krystal M. Lancon, Biloxi; Lewra Higginbotham, Pass Christian; Toshiko Lane, Tickfaw; Mary D. Beard, Gulfport; Joseph D. Lang, Pascagoula; Albert L. Hicks, Biloxi; Lauren E. Bell, Gulfport; Michaela N. Lapniewski, Bay St. Louis; Maison D. Larmore, Gulfport; Elizabeth A. Lassere, Gulfport; Brittney E. Hester, Moss Point; Michelle B. Laster, Diamondhead; Rebekah A. Lauterwasser, Gulfport; Lauren N. Benefield, Gulfport; Bryanna L. White, Gulfport; Lily Benitez, Pascagoula; Cierra M. Lawson, Gulfport; Ross T. Wescovich, Kiln; Kieu K. Le, Pass Christian; Miguel A. Hernandez, Gulfport; Cherie L. Hernandez, Gulfport; Jordan D. Hendrix, Pass Christian; Cristina D. Wertz, Gulfport; Taylor S. LeBlanc, Long Beach; Jonathan M. Wellman, Gulfport; Jodi C. Weiss, Biloxi; Braxton Lee, Gulfport; Candace Webber, Gulfport; Caleb K. Benton, Ocean Springs; Courtney E. Lee, Diamondhead; Jada J. Lee, Gulfport; Trevor L. Watts, Gulfport; Julia A. Berger, Gulfport; Sanya R. Watson, Biloxi; Nishiana A. Heard, Long Beach; Logan P. Watson, Biloxi; Avery J. Legier, D’Iberville; Meredith A. Bergeron, Gulfport; Alexius L. Washington, Gulfport; Christopher A. Lero, Long Beach; Richard L. Lesley, Gulfport; Jennifer M. Lessard, Gulfport; Kristine A. Hatcher, Saucier; John H. Lewis, Gulfport; Brenden M. Beskow, Gulfport; Charles W. Waltman, Wiggins; Nikole R. Lewis, Biloxi; Stacey L. Bigner, Biloxi; Christopher T. Hass, Gulfport; Jessica N. Billingsley, Gulfport; Ashli k. Hasan, Long Beach; Jeremiah J. Lipetzky, Biloxi; Olivia M. Little, Bay St Louis; Janine N. Lizana, D’Iberville; Phillip L. Wallers, Gulfport; Raini D. Harrison, Waveland; Lester K. Harrien, Gulfport; Shannon L. Wallace, Perkinston; James H. Waite, Moss Point; Shelby K. Wade, Moss Point; Johanna L. Lott, Saucier; Erica D. Harper, Biloxi; Jayden K. Bishop, Gulfport; Bailey L. Loveday, Gulfport; Abigail M. Lovell, Ocean Springs; Kellie C. Wade, Saucier; Cindy Wade, Moss Point; Cassandra M. Hankins, Biloxi; Reganne k. Handler, DIberville; Samantha G. Lydie, Gulfport; Jessica A. Vo, Bay St Louis; Noah G. Villarreal, Biloxi; Kaila A. Hand, Poplarville; Melanie A. Hamby, Pass Christian; Bailey E. Haller, Gulfport; Michael J. Biss, Ocean Springs; Juan D. Mahoney, Diberville; Nancy J. Veri, Biloxi; Joselin M. Vega, Biloxi; Tessa N. Hagler, Biloxi; Erik M. Vega, Biloxi; Tori P. Manning, Pass Christian; Brooke N. Varnado, Picayune; Vadim D. Guzhvin, Ocean Springs; Manuel L. Marabe, Biloxi; Diana T. Maricich, Biloxi; Jerica R. Guthrie, Saucier; Megan E. Martin, Ocean Springs; Mary T. Gutherz, Ocean Springs; Lana M. Blanchard, Biloxi; Katlynn N. Blankinchip, Saucier; Joshua Martinez, Philadelphia; Steven K. Grothman, Biloxi; Haley N. Utman, Vancleave; Ida N. Grigson, Biloxi; Connor M. Massie, Long Beach; Taryn M. Masters, Biloxi; Presleigh Griffith, Lumberton; Haley J. Griffin, Biloxi; Chasity I. Mathieu, Pass Christian; Andrew W. Griffey, Biloxi; Kimberly M. Matlock, Biloxi; Veronica J. Greene, Long Beach; Traci M. Maurice, Long Beach; Freida L. Bodie, Ocean Springs; Whitney E. Tyson, Biloxi; Marissa D. Tyler, Ocean Springs; Nadezhda Tutynina, Ocean Springs; Richard A. Mazur, Gulfport; Jesse P. McAlary, Lucedale; Tyrell A. McArthur, Gulfport; Ashley R. Boler, DIberville; Jeni R. Bond, Gulfport; Jodie K. Turnage, Saucier; Chandler B. Turbville, Gulfport; Maggie A. McCormick, Mobile; Alexis Tucker, McComb; Lynnell Boston, DIberville; Tristan M. Bouler, Moss Point; Matthew A. Goodin, Gulfport; Julissa Trochez, Pass Christian; D’Shana S. McGhee, Moss Point; Kahyla R. McGill, Gulfport; Tanner Boyd, Gulfport; Logan E. Tribble, Diberville; Taylor C. Treadaway, Gulfport; Carri M. Gonyeau, Moss Point; Carrieleigh F. Yonge, Lucedale; Jonathan H. Tran, DIberville; Jasmine T. Gnuschke, Biloxi; Shanell S. McNeil, Gulfport; William D. McNew, McHenry; Sheena M. McNickles, Gulfport; Cheyanne R. Glover, Gulfport; Christopher D. Glaskox, Pascagoula; Joseph A. Brashear, Biloxi; Dylan T. Tran, Gulfport; Jenna L. Bratley, Pass Christian; Tatiana E. Torres, Gulfport; Lauren A. McWilliams, Biloxi; Linda Gieseler, Bay St. Louis; Noah C. Gazzo, Biloxi; DeShae L. Braun, Biloxi; Joseph W. Breazeale, Gulfport; Gregory S. Tolbert, Hurley; Jared T. Garza, Pass Christian; Rhiannon S. Garrett, Long Beach; Wesley H. Toehay, Ocean Springs; Zach P. Mcnair, Long Beach; Katelyn J. Garner, Ocean Springs; Edward R. Brewer, Gulfport; Micheal D. Gardner, Gulfport; Kaitlyn S. Galle, Biloxi; Tabitha M. Brewer, Biloxi; Olivia G. Mereo, Ocean Springs; Tina M. Gallardo, Biloxi; Gage D. Gajewski, Gulfport; Alexis M. Migues, Biloxi; Kaley N. Thomas, Biloxi; Danielle L. Thomas, Ocean Springs; Thomas Brewer, Bay St. Louis; Blake P. Thibodeaux, Ocean Springs; Dean E. Miller, Biloxi; Maegan C. Miller, Gulfport; Nichole L. Thais, Biloxi; Jerrica D. Mims, Lucedale; Adrian D. Mitchell, Gulfport; Laurel M. Gage, Pass Christian; Jessica M. Freret, Gulfport; Tenesha N. Mitchell, Biloxi; Derika S. Mobley, Biloxi; Brandon C. Moffett, Gulfport; Christopher E. Moffett, Biloxi; Taylor R. Franks, Biloxi; Ladazea Bridges, Biloxi; Grace E. Mooar, Diamondhead; Aubrey P. Moody, Gulfport; Brady K. Ford, Saucier; William P. Bridges, Gulfport; Glendora Moore, Gulfport; Jon Tyler P. Moore, Pass Christian; Cole J. Taylor, Gulfport; George Britton, Biloxi; Amberly M. Tarver, Vancleave; Mollie M. Broadus-Morgan, Gulfport; Vanessa G. Flores, Biloxi; Cierra C. Brock, Biloxi; Robert W. Flippo, Gulfport; Joseph M. Flint, Long Beach; Kylie M. Fleming, Gulfport; Andrea J. Brown, Pascaogula; Veronica C. Fisk, Long Beach; Michelle P. Mulder, Gulfport; Moses M. Brown, Biloxi; Gerardo J. Murillo, Long beach; Camron S. Sykes, Vancleave; Kelley Murphy, Biloxi; Kimberly A. Murphy, Biloxi; William S. Murray, Gulfport; A’licia R. Musgrove, D’Iberville; William E. Nabors, Gulfport; Jenna L. Nagurne, Biloxi; Christopher S. Swilley, Gulfport; Taylor A. Felder, Gulfport; Gracie A. Feeney, Gulfport; Shawana N. Feazell, Gulfport; Tristan G. Swift, Vancleave; Myesha D. Brown, Gulfport; Samantha E. Neubauer, Gulfport; Cyrus E. Surratt, Biloxi; Okeil R. Newsome, Gulfport; Faith C. Newton, Wiggins; Angela L. Ngo, Gulfport; Megan A. Farley, Long Beach; Kaitlyn L. Fairchild, Gulfport; Gillian H. Nguyen, Biloxi; Huyen T. Nguyen, Biloxi; David J. Summers, Gulfport; Melody H. Nguyen, Pass Christian; Stephanie P. Nguyen, Biloxi; Nadine Ewing, Biloxi; Tan V. Nguyen, Diberville; Theresa T. Nguyen, Biloxi; Theresa T. Nguyen, Biloxi; Tommy Nguyen, Biloxi; Ashley D. Evins, Gulfport; Caleb D. Sullivan, Vancleave; Clarence Nichols, Pass Christian; Alyssa H. Bui, Biloxi; Chelsea L. Nobles, Pass Christian; Jeremiah P. Normile, Gulfport; Enjoli M. Sudyka, Gulfport; Julia C. Styczenski, Gulfport; Lilly A. Bull, Biloxi; Madison A. Bullen, Wiggins; Briana M. Odom, Gulfport; Kourtnee P. Streb, Gulfport; Sharon L. Olier, Biloxi; Kamri P. Streb, Gulfport; Shelbi A. Bunkheila, Biloxi; Shelbie H. Stewart, Gulfport; Jessica L. Stewart, Gulfport; Randall R. Olsen, Gautier; Christina M. Esquilin, Moss Point; Jade A. Stepp, Gulfport; Dilan J. Overby, Gulfport; Toni C. England, Ocean Springs; Louis J. Endris, Biloxi; Brice B. Pangan, Pass Christian; David B. Burk, Carriere; Cindy D. Emch, Saucier; Tanner J. Parke, Biloxi; Dalton J. Parker, Saucier; Dywana F. Parker, Gulfport; Henry C. Parker, Waveland; Trithena Q. Ellis, Gulfport; Patrick G. Stephens, Gulfport; Kortney A. Ellis, Gulfport; Lane L. Parks, Gulfport; Nicholas D. Paro, Biloxi; Michelle R. Parrott, Vancleave; Elizabeth M. Stephens, Saucier; Alyssa C. Ellis, Gulfport; Dennis P. Stephan, Long Beach; Felicia A. Bussolati, Long Beach; Joann M. Pates, Biloxi; Jaimee L. Eatman, Pascagoula; Tasmine L. Butler, Biloxi; Sa’Quoyria S. Patton, Biloxi; Cynthia D. Dyson, Gulfport; Rebecca E. Dyess, Pascagoula; Hayley N. Dye, Biloxi; Lishell S. Pearce, Biloxi; Hagan Z. Peek, Moss Point; Stephanie R. Dunn, Gulfport; Shauntell R. Duncan, Waveland; Brendan A. Standridge, D’Iberville; Justin D. Perkins, Biloxi; Pernell E. Perkins, Biloxi; Spencer J. Perley, Long Beach; Michelle E. Perretta, Saucier; Anna K. Perry, Picayune; Evante Duffin, Biloxi; Grayson M. Duckworth, Gulfport; Bruce A. Standfuss, Waveland; Breanna K. Caldwell, Gulfport; Elizabeth E. Spinks, Picayune; Kaitlyn E. Dubroc, Biloxi; Shelby B. DuPree, Biloxi; Merryellen Philipson, Biloxi; Steven P. Pico, Saucier; Channing S. Campbell, Biloxi; Nathalie M. Caraballo, Diberville; Desiree L. Carco, Saucier; Sally J. Pisani, Lucedale; Haley C. Doss, Gulfport; Stephen Donnelly, Gulfport; Lamiae B. Soomro, Biloxi; Kirsten M. Sonnier, Ocean Springs; Ricky A. Plaisance, Gulfport; Channing L. Plouffe, Kiln; Jamika C. Polk, Pass Christian; Hannah M. Dobson, Biloxi; Richard A. Snodgrass, Gulfport; Chandee L. Carson, Long Beach; Sarah M. Dishman, Waveland; Keldon D. Pope, Lucedale; Bruce L. Porter, Gulfport; Lauren V. Powell, Gulfport; Adelaida E. Dilworth, Pass Christian; Meghan V. Powell, Carriere; Stephon M. Smith, Gulfport; Morgan B. Pratt, Gulfport; Caleb A. Prescott, Gulfport; Taylor L. Prescott, Long Beach; Rechelle A. Prince, Kiln; Victoria P. Diep, Biloxi; Daniel B. Proctor, Ocean Springs; Shaina Smith, Gulfport; Ramon P. Castaneda, D’Iberville; Christopher T. Diep, Biloxi; Lidia B. Castillo, Biloxi; Talhia N. Caston, Biloxi; Marjorie E. Smith, Gulfport; Johnny W. Smith, Biloxi; Jazmine A. Smith, Gulfport; Madison B. Deschamp, Saucier; Lina A. Rademacher, Gulfport; Nicole M. Depew, Biloxi; Brittany N. Adams, Gulfport; Fanambinana L. Rajaoberison, Long Beach; Brianna R. Deloach, Biloxi; Evan J. Smith, Biloxi; Dawn M. Smith, Gulfport; Gabriel A. Rangel, Pascagoula; Jessica Y. Chan, Long Beach; Niasha T. Chaney, Gulfport; Sarah M. Chinn, Biloxi; Jordan A. Dean, Moss Point; Shelby N. Simpson, Saucier; Raymond F. Raymundo, Gulfport; Zachariah E. Choquette, Biloxi; Jason H. Shults, Pass Christian; Hannah M. Chouinard, Gulfport; Katy E. Shirey, D’Iberville; Michael B. Shirah, Kiln; Hannah R. Reed, Biloxi; Julie K. Sherwood, Pass Christian; Joshua K. Davis, Gulfport; Samantha R. Sherrod, Gulfport; Dustin O. Davis, Bay St. Louis; Christian M. Reinike, Long Beach; Savannah M. Reiser, Ocean Springs; Diosel W. Davis, Gulfport; Hannah L. Reitcheck, Biloxi; Branden M. Relyea, Gulfport; Daphney N. Davis, Gulfport; Loretta Resor, BAY St. Louis; Andrew S. Rester, McHenry; Amber D. Sheriff, Gulfport; Jessica L. Clark, Biloxi; Sarah L. Clark, Long Beach; Timothy Clark, Diamondhead; Akhadia J. Clarke, Biloxi; Jherika B. Daniels, Brooklyn Park; Sean P. D’Aluisio, Gulfport; Tyler B. Cunningham, Vancleave; Brennan A. Shands, Pass Christian; Michael B. Clayton, Diberville; Whitney F. Richmond, Diamondhead; Margaret M. Ridge, Biloxi; Blake A. Cuevas, Gulfport; Casey R. Clemons, Biloxi; Allison M. Rivers, Gulfport; David D. Roberson, Biloxi; Sherretta S. Roberson, Glendale; Jacob A. Roberts, Long Beach; April J. Sears, Biloxi; Brandais D. Cuccia, Gulfport; Brandy K. Robinson, Pass Christian; Sidney E. Searles, Biloxi; Heather R. Robinson, Saucier; Joshua W. Crouse, Gulfport; Madison E. Clemons, Biloxi; Paris L. Robinson, Gulfport; Allyson A. Robison, Gulfport; Samantha B. Rocha, Gulfport; Zachary H. Scruggs, Wiggins; Early W. Cobb, Bay St Louis; Kristen Rogers, Long Beach; Lowell B. Rogers, Diamondhead; Nova R. Rogers, Ocean Springs; Ashlyn S. Rojas, Biloxi; Jacqueline F. Rojas, Gulfport; Aaron K. Cowell, Biloxi; Tamara C. Cousin, Biloxi; Laquita N. Ross, Gulfport; Noah H. Rountree, Gulfport; Mary Anna M. Scranton, Long Beach; Jaime L. Rouse, Perkinston; Anthony P. Coulakis, Biloxi; Travis E. Scott, Gulfport; Christopher M. Cotten, Gulfport; Kevin L. Scott, Biloxi; Amy L. Roybal, D’Iberville; Ana V. Rozo, Biloxi; William G. Cochran, Biloxi; John J. Schultz, Biloxi; Jakera D. Cooke, Gulfport; Eric M. Russell, Vancleave; Maximilian T. Russo, Gulfport; Joseph I. Ryle-Nolan, Gulfport; Rana T. Sadideen, Bay St. Louis; Emilee R. Conway, D’Iberville; Stefanie E. Schoon, Ocean Springs; Michael P. Contorno, Gulfport; Eric L. Cockerham, Gulfport; Michael W. Saucier, Pass Christian; Alfred D. Coleman, Gulfport; Liam C. Cogley, Long Beach; Ashlynn J. Sanford, Biloxi; Ashlie M. Santos, Gulfport; and Javoris C. Sashner, Gulfport.

Naval Construction Battalion Center students are Eva Florence Armarboye, Long Beach, and Austin C. Thimm, Gulfport.

Students from the Perkinston Campus are   Marleigh M. Savell, Vancleave; Avery M. Sanders, Thibodaux; Caitlyn D. Schintzius, Gulfport; Jared A. Schneider, Gulfport; Brynn D. Schofield, Perkinston; Ariel S. Salley, Wiggins; Ethan A. Schultz, Pascagoula; Chase G. Cooley, Lucedale; Tabyias T. Cooley, Laurel; Justin T. Scott, Ocean Springs; Ethan L. Abney, Perkinston; Deante Cotton, Franklinton; Caleb R. Counselman, Pass Christian; Jillianne N. Craft, Gulfport; Jared A. Creel, Biloxi; Kaitlyn B. Crossgrove, Pass Christian; Dalton L. Robinson, Wiggins; Jacob D. Roberts, Biloxi; Blythe M. Seay, Ocean Springs; Brianna A. Sellers, Gulfport; Courtney J. Sellers, Moss Point; Reid M. Cudd, Wiggins; Madilenne C. Cuevas, Saucier; Megan D. Sexton, Gulfport; Chadd R. Cumbest, Lucedale; Landon J. Rice, Anniston; Tessa B. Davidson, Saucier; Alexis T. Davis, Long Beach; Autumn J. Davis, Philadelphia; Makayla D. Shaw, Saucier; Steven J. Shaw, Gulfport; Jessica M. Shepherd, Perkinston; Chloe A. Davis, Gulfport; Taylor B. Sherman, McHenry; Jamillia T. Davis, Gulfport; Spencer G. Davis, Summit; Thomas A. Davis, Pascagoula; Alex H. Redditt, Columbia; Shyanne  Redd, Biloxi ; Isis E. Dawson, Flowood; Kimberly N. Day, Moss Point; Alyssa M. Silvas, Pass Christian; Keri L. Rayburn, Wiggins; Delya N. Sims, Gulfport; Sabrina N. Ray, Lucedale; Larry S. Sisson, Moss Point; Alexis R. Smith, Wiggins; James F. Ray, Lucedale; J’Nitra A. Ratliff, Port Gibson; Dedoch  Chan, Rochester; Charles S. Smith, Gulfport; Robyn C. Ramsey, Perkinston; Malcolm A. Chambers, Gulfport; Amber L. Causey, Byram; Jacobe N. Ramsey, Gulfport; Jacquelyn C. Smith, Perkinston; Damien V. Dhossche, Madison; Kerstin E. Cato, Kiln; Darin M. Catchot, Ocean Springs; John M. Smith, Saraland; Yasmine D. Quinn, Kokomo; Madison E. Quick, Gulfport; John W. Putnam, Pass Christian; Abdul A. Dial, Greenacres; Moesha L. Pruitt, Laurel; Nathanial B. Carter, Greenwood; Marc A. Proctor, Gulfport; Dustan M. Dille, McCalla; Billandrius R. Pope, Collins; Allison M. Snell, Saucier; Nicholas C. Contestabile, Lucedale; Dayreke J. Snow, Newton; Kennan T. Solomon, Timberlake; Cayla E. Doby, Moss Point; Robert F. Pittman, Pascagoula; Erin R. Sparkman, Gautier; David L. Sparks, Ridgeland; Joe H. Downs, Hattiesburg; Aysiah K. Drew, Gulfport; Indya R. Drew, Gulfport; Tydarius K. Peters, Jayess; Alexis B. Squires, Wiggins; Omareon J. Calloway, Wiggins; Kaitlyn M. Ducksworth, Taylorsville; Eden L. Duckworth, Heidelberg; Christina M. Perkins, Saucier; Joseph D. Byrd, Biloxi; Billy B. Patton, McHenry; Lily A. Butler, Lucedale; Dexter M. Edens, Perkinston; Ian V. Bush, Ocean Springs; Josephine M. Burke, Ocean Springs; Justin M. Steiner, Ocean Springs; Matthew B. Edwards, Pass Christian; Peyton A. Partin, Saucier; Wesley B. Parker, Saucier; Elias K. Papalambros, Gulfport; Colby M. Entriken, Pass Christian; Katelyn M. Stevison, Perkinston; Justin W. Burge, Moss Point; Anastasia L. Estep, Gulfport; Michael Burbridge, Biloxi; Constance S. Evans, Wiggins; Joshua T. Oliver, Vancleave; Cora Evans, Wiggins; Courtney R. Odom, Poplarville; Ayla O. Strickland, Wiggins; Graham B. Evans, Wiggins; Kenneth P. Stringer, Perkinston; Kayla D. Oatis, Prentiss; Delana L. Bull, Wiggins; Raven D. Evans, Laurel ; Symya N. Norwood, Pascagoula; Carter M. Nicholson, Carriere; Robert J. Evans, Saucier; Joshua B. Budinich, Saucier; Andrew R. Summerlin, Pascagoula; Chase L. Fagan, Poplarville; Destiny M. Sumner, Grand Bay; Josie S. Bryant, Moss Point; Michael D. New, Saucier; Amber J. Bryant, Grand Bay; Nicholas G. Brune, Ocean Springs; Katelyn M. Sweatt, Gautier; Darren M. Farris, Gulfport; Hunter J. Farve, Saucier; Brooke A. Naramore, Perkinston; John Teague B. Murphy, Mobile; Gracie C. Fillingame, McHenry; Jonte D. Moultrie, Ocean Springs; Riann M. Brock, Hattiesburg; Deona L. Morgan, Ocean Springs; Ahnyijah C. Flowers, Columbia; Jalyn N. Flowers, Moss Point; Nadia R. Moore, McHenry; Benjamin H. Taylor, Lucedale; Marissa E. Moore, Lucedale; Michael L. Moon, Gulfport; De’ Jour R. Fox, Brookhaven; Michael A. Miller, Gautier; Janice M. Thibideau, McHenry; Cameron P. Gaito, Biloxi; Jade S. Dixson, Pass Christian; Austin T. Miller, Bay St. Louis; Ashley N. Miller, Perkinston; Amberlee K. Miller, Waynesboro; Dylan L. Menhennett, Biloxi; Tamara T. Thomas, Pass Christian; Jordan L. Thompson, Saucier; Mattie D. Brewer, Lucedale; Anthony M. Garner, Brooklyn; Hannah G. Thornton, Kosciusko; Natalie A. Breland, McHenry; Darrell F. Breland, Wiggins; Amber R. Tice, Ocean Springs; Amanda L. Breland, Wiggins; Kaylynn N. Garrett, Oxford; Amy S. Mclarty, Wiggins; Keirra D. Gates, Pass Christian; Brianna E. Mccrory, Moss Point; Xandria C. McWaters, Perkinston; DeAndre J. Torrey, Moss Point; JaKaylan D. McSwain, Wiggins ; Darryl V. Touchstone, Wiggins; Sara N. Gilbert, Wiggins; Keenen D. Gillum, Slidell; Mayra Y. Gomez Carvajal, Wiggins; Trinity P. McKenzie, Diamondhead; Aneisha A. Brackens, Foley; Olivia A. McIlwain, Saucier; Phillip L. McGrew, Sumrall; Katlyn D. Triplett, Saucier; Lainey D. McGovern, Wiggins; Emma K. Bowie, Lucedale; Jacob D. McDonald, Myrtle; Devin H. Bounds, Bay St. Louis; Aniadria S. Bounds, Biloxi; Hannah N. Gorlott, Irvington; Leah M. Grainger, Gulfport; Erica B. Graves, Wiggins; Danielle A. Turan, Gulfport; Corey P. McClure, Perkinston; Destiny L. Gray, Picayune; Murphy J. McCammon, Satsuma; Emily M. Bond, Perkinston; Kathryn E. Bolton, Leakesville; Alexis I. McBeath, Pascagoula; Cordaro D. Green, Wiggins; Deana R. Green, Gulfport; Donnie L. Green, Wiggins; Henrietta R. Underwood, Lucedale; Lindsay A. Bodrey, Lucedale; Antonio M. Mauricio, Wiggins; Nikolas C. Blenden, Gulfport; Gracelyn Y. Usher, Pascagoula; Bailey M. Massey, Bruce; Victoria L. Gum, Ocean Springs; Dominic V. Blankenship, Gautier; Chandler B. Gunn, Hattiesburg; Olivia R. Vardaman, Irvington; Brindon  Manuel, Laurel; Brittnie E. Hagerdon, Perkinston; Jordan T. Hall, Perkinston; Bailey G. Verble, Long Beach; Brandon T. Mallett, Vancleave; Neely J. Blackmon, Wiggins; Lauren E. Hall, Plantersville; Pedro I. Villalobos, Biloxi; Saporiah C. Magee, Tylertown; Kierra-Reshael C. Magee, Ocean Springs; Hieu Q. Vuong, Pass Christian; William T. Bishop, Lucedale; Garrison C. Lundy, Lucedale; Bailey A. Hargrave, Madison; Emilie A. Louderback, Saucier; James D. Lott, Gautier; Erin A. Longsden, Perkinston; Alyson V. Waizenegger, Saucier; Anna L. Walker, Perkinston; Sadie M. Wallace, Perkinston; Hayden E. Harrell, Perkinston; Stone J. Harrison, Gulfport; Jordan L. Liddell, Gulfport; Ryan D. Lich, Wiggins; Jaden G. Hatcher, Lucedale; William O. Betz, Pass Christian; Jessica G. Waltman, Lucedale; Matthew A. Ward, Perkinston; Joshua S. Lewis, Theodore; Zoie R. Lepine, Gautier; James  Washup, Clarksdale; Kierra T. Berry, Mendenhall; Lauren A. Hathorn, Vancleave; Courtney S. Legette, Biloxi; Sara C. Lee, Perkinston; Kyrstan L. Lee, Gulfport; Charnecia C. Watts, Lauderdale; Parris B. Watts, Richland; Joseph H. Lee, McHenry; Jacobi J. Hearn, Jackson; Castor T. Lee, Gulfport; Jackson M. Wedgeworth, Gulfport; Sarah G. Wedgeworth, Petal; Hannah  Hembree, Pascagoula; Charles  Welch, Lucedale; Nathanial P. Hembree, Lucedale; Omni B. Wells, Moss Point; Katie L. Welsh, Diamondhead; Aretavious C. Hendrix, Starkville; Destiny F. Herring, Jay; Charles E. Young, Gulfport; Windham G. Whatley, Florence; Clayton  Whitaker, Greenwood; Maria D. Lawrence, Pascagoula; Nicholas P. Hertz, Long Beach; Ashton D. Hickman, Wiggins; Jamarcus Q. Lang, Hattiesburg; Cheyenne  Higgs, Diamondhead; Maya J. Whitehead, Picayune; Kaila M. Hill, Hattiesburg; Emily C. Ladnier, Perkinston; Sidney M. Ladner, Poplarville; James J. Bass, Gulfport; Nathan R. Ladner, Wiggins; Thomas E. Hinton, Richton; Leslie R. Hodges, Perkinston; Kyle A. Ladner, Picayune; Tysin A. Abdullah, Pearl; Aaron M. Barnes, Gulfport; Brice L. Wilkinson, Madison; Rheanna S. Holcomb, Lumberton; Brayden S. Kowalski, Pass Christian; Lori D. Holder, Pass Christian; Roumania M. Kopszywa, Ocean Springs; Isaac E. Williams, Biloxi; Brandon J. Ballard, Lucedale; Marcus M. Knott, Wiggins; Savanna M. Holland, Wiggins; Kimyra D. Ball, Purvis; Katie Beth  Williams, Smithville; Keiara B. Williams, New Orleans; Nathaniel  Kjonaas, Gulfport; Jada I. Holmes, Biloxi; Tierney T. Holmes, Greenwood; Justin  Holsinger, Gulfport; Gina N. Khuu, Ocean Springs; Katelyn R. Babischkin, Biloxi; Caleb D. Avin, McHenry; Christeen D. Khapra, Lucedale; Rose M. Austin, Biloxi; JaMya S. Hopson, Madison; Jaime K. Kendall, McHenry; Evan D. Howard, Biloxi; Deboney K. Wilson, Jackson; Aimee R. Coke, Hurley ; Tyler D. Joyner, Saucier; Marcie L. Wilson, Perkinston; Dillevelyn B. Hudson, Biloxi; Zackery T. Jones, Columbia; Morgan D. Jones, Seminary; Kaelee L. Jones, Lucedale; Braxton L. Jones, Gulfport; River D. Johnson, Saucier; Max S. Johnson, Perkinston; Lauren R. Alexander, Wiggins; Ethan T. Johnson, Wiggins; Ashlyn N. Johnson, Perkinston; Mason W. Hunt, Wiggins; Carl B. Woods, Saucier; Jacob S. Hurley, Moss Point; Dameisha F. Jenkins, Moss Point; Lynn Ashanta K. Jefferson, Jackson; Hezzie F. Jefferson, Pass Christian; Virginia C. Jay, Hattiesburg; Misael  Jaimes, Olive Branch; Raquel M. Dement, Leakesville; Austin L. Adams, Newton; Zoe M. Yarnell, Ocean Springs; Jadelynn M. Yocum, Gulfport; and Ivy N. Jackson, Saucier.

West Harrison County Center students are Andrew T. Lawson, Long Beach; Christina M. Ladner, Pass Christian; Darius Jones, Gulfport; Andrew M. Cospelich, Gulfport; and Santangela   Tran, Ocean Springs.


Kathy McAdams is an award-winning journalist who has worked at weekly newspapers in Mississippi and the Press-Register in Mobile, Ala. A native of Gulfport, McAdams attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, William Carey University, the University of South Alabama and The University of Southern Mississippi. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and journalism and a master's degree in education and English. She has worked at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College since 2005.