Service Learning

Welcome to the Volunteer and Service Learning Center (VSLC) of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. The VSLC was established as a means of advancing student education through valuable community service and civic responsibility. By developing solid relationships with local community organizations, the VSLC is dedicated to fostering future leaders while addressing immediate needs of the community.

Academic Service Learning

  • Service Learning is the combination of classroom academics with meaningful community service. The two are integrated through critical reflection and results in the strengthening of communities, instilment of civic responsibility, and enrichment of formal education.
  • Service Learning and Direct Volunteer Service differ in a number of ways. Here are some characteristics of Service Learning:
    1. Incorporates what students learn in the classroom (or their personal interests) to their community service.
    2. Fosters the idea to think critically about the community’s strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Immerses students within a community for a more personal experience
    4. Encourages students to analyze the complex difficulties within a community rather than addressing them with episodic volunteer service
    5. Presents a meaningful experience by capitalizing on students’ personal interests. Because of this intimacy, ‘sponsor organizations’ will be provided with a volunteer who will work at optimal potential, all the while students can delve further into their personal interest.
    6. Students are given an opportunity to analyze their college career path by experiencing work pertinent to their studies.

Direct Volunteer Service

The VSLC has many opportunities for anyone who would like to volunteer directly with an organization. Volunteers are free to browse through our extensive list of local organizations, as well as use the resources available through VSLC staff to help find those that best suit particular interests.