Severe Weather Alert

Due to the inclement weather forecasted this week, all Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College campuses and centers will be closed Tuesday, January 28, 2014, and Wednesday, January 29, 2014. On the 28th and 29th, please note that all classes and activities are cancelled.

Day and evening classes and activities scheduled for Monday, January 27, 2014, will continue as scheduled.

Dormitories will remain open on the Perkinston Campus; however, students that elect to go home are encouraged leave campus as early as possible. Cafeteria service may be limited. All dormitory personnel and student center personnel are to report to work as scheduled. Additionally, at each campus maintenance personnel should take all precautions necessary to prepare for freezing and/or inclement weather.

Instructional time will be made up at the discretion of deans and faculty. Nursing and allied health faculty will receive further details from Dr. Joan Hendrix.

Thursday morning classes will meet as scheduled on January 30, 2014.

In the event of an emergency, please contact campus police at:

Perkinston Campus: 601-928-6327
Jackson County Campus: 228-497-7690
Jefferson Davis Campus: 228-896-2516
George County Center: 601-947-6447

Take care and be safe! Additional information will follow as needed.

  1. Melodye

    Are classes still going to resume tomorrow? The roads are still supposed to be icy, so those of us who left campus will not be able to safely return.

    • philip dixon

      This is still the most current information we have. There will probably be an updated statement late this afternoon.

  2. allen wise

    Is that going to effect financial aid dates?

  3. Matthew Necaise

    There is still a bridge closed on my route to school, if i am unable to get back for Thursday will it be counted as an excused abscence? Thanks, Matthew Necaise

  4. Rachel Beckhan

    I heard the roads are still icey and such. The roads are still dangerous still to drive on.

  5. Ally Myers

    I’ve heard on Facebook that MGCCC has also canceled classes for tomorrow, but I’m not 100% sure. I need to know, because most of the bridges I take to get to JD are still closed until further notice.

    • philip dixon

      If there is an official school closing we’ll post it here on the website immediately. Email and text messages would also be sent out, just like they were on Monday. As of now we haven’t received any word.

    • Cacia Logan

      Like most things, do NOT trust what you hear on Facebook. MGCCC will make a responsible, informed decision, and students will be informed via the Mass Comunication system (call, text, email, etc.), as well as it being posted on here and on WLOX.

  6. Lauren Gilbert

    Will the JD Campus be opening back up on Thursday or Friday because the roads and bridges are still suppose to be iced over by the morning an I don’t want to drive all the way over to Gulfport for nothing

    • philip dixon

      We will post any information as soon as we get it.

  7. Connie

    Well, I guess my husband and I will be risking out lives now, because the sun is going down so the refreezing of the roads are about to begin and black ice is starting to form. It would have been nice if MGCCC would have made a decision on Thursday’s classes BEFORE dark. My son is paranoid that he may miss a class if they do open tomorrow, so we are about to defy what our local law enforcement are telling us by taking the one hour drive from Vancleave to Perk. Thanks guys, we can always count on you waiting until the last minute, can’t we? Good job!

  8. Rachel Beckham

    Well the road is becoming icy and black ice is coming soon on the roads.

  9. Brittany

    My route to JC is still closed and frozen.

  10. Byron

    A responsible informed decision would have already been made. The roads will clearly be icy in the morning. Waiting this long to make an official decision will only cause bitterness towards the administration. I would advise staying off the roads tonight and early in the morning. Stay safe, God bless.

  11. Dylan Acres

    Faculty is waiting to hear something too. Why is this decision taking so long? Could be dangerous for students coming back to Perk tonight if nothing gets announced soon.

    • Rachel Beckham

      I know what you mean Mr. Acres The road are very dangerous and someone told me about the black ice forming on the roads.

  12. Summer Holder

    Can we please know something soon because my only way to JD is by icy bridges

  13. Danielle

    I don’t know why it’s taking so long. The students and faculty are risking their lives trying to come back to school we can make up the days rather than people being injured for trying to come back for a day.

  14. Megan Clancy

    The bridges I take to class are still closed tomorrow because of the ice. Is the Gautier campus still going to be closed because there is no way I can get there to take my test and we cannot make them up how do we find out about campus closer?

  15. Byron

    Classes are canceled for Jan. 30 2014. You can click on Philip dixons name and see his recent posts and the information is posted there. God Bless.

    • philip dixon

      The new message is on the front page of the website. Everyone should be getting an email or text in the next few minutes.