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Welcome to the reading resource website! This site was established by the members of the Quality Implementation Committee for MGCCC students to gain knowledge and research-based information for the improvement of reading comprehension at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Reading Comprehension Resources


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501 Reading Comprehension Questions Learning Express, LLC
Advanced Word Power (Instructor's Edition)Johnson & Gamer
Advancing Vocabulary Skills (Instructor's Edition)Nist & Mohr
Art of Critical Reading: Brushing Up on Your Reading, Thinking, and Study SkillsMather & McCarthy
Break it Down! Boost Your College Reading ComprehensionLott & Laird
Building Vocabulary Skills (Instructor's Edition)Nist & Mohr
College Rules! How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in CollegeNist-Olejnik & Holschuh
Community College ExperienceBaldwin
Community College Experience Plus (2010)Baldwin
Concept Mapping: A Critical-Thinking Approach to Care PlanningSchuster
Confident StudentKanar
Connections: An Insider's Guide to College SuccessLatino, Moore & Moore
Coping With College: A Guide for Academic SuccessHamachek
Cornerstone: Discovering Your Potential, Learning Actively, and Living WellSherfield, Montgomery & Moody
Critical Reading for College and BeyondDaiek & Anter
Essential Study SkillsWong
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics: The World Famous Speed-Reading ProgramWood
Everything Study BookFrank
Exercise Your College Reading Skills: Developing More Powerful Comprehension Elder
Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary (Instructor's Edtion)Johnson, Mohr & Goldstein
How to Read a Paragraph: The Art of Close ReadingPaul & Elder
Introduction to Rubrics (2nd Edition)Stevens & Levi
Learning to Learn: Strengthing Study Skills and Brain PowerFrender
Notice & Note: Strategies for Close ReadingBeers & Probst
Now You Tell Me! 12 College Students Give the Best Advice They Never GotScott
Practical Student: Career-oriented SuccessWahlstrom, Williams & Dansby
Quest for Academic Successde Castillo
Reading and All That Jazz: Tuning Up Your Reading, Thinking, and Study Skills Mather & McCarthy
Reading and Study Skills Langan
Reading Comprehension: Success in 20 Minutes a Day (4th ed.)Learning Express, LLC
Reading Edge: Thirteen Ways to Build Reading Comprehension Johnson
Reading Smart: Advanced Techniques for Improved ReadingSchaffzin
Rhythms of College SuccessPiscitelli
School Skills 101: Get Better Grades, Save Time, and Reduce StressHoldbrooks Townsel
Sketchnote Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note TakingRohde
SOAR Study SkillsWoodcock Kruger
Study Strategies Made EasyDavis & Sirotowitz
Success in CollegeBurns
Taking Control of Your College Reading and LearningByrd, Carter & Waddoups
Teaching the Brain to Read: Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionWillis
Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills (5th Edition Instructor's Edition)Langan
Vocabulary Basics (Instructor's edition)Nadell, Johnson & Langan
Your Complete Guide to College SuccessFoss


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Everday Readers: Reading and Popular CultureCollinson
Everything Guide to Study Skills: Strategies, Tips, and Tools You Need to SucceedMuchnick
How to Study, Seventh EditionFry
Learning Maps and Memory SkillsSvantesson
Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and LearningPoulson & Wallace
On Demand Writing: Applying the Strategies of Impromptu Speaking to Impromptu WritingWilliamson
Regis Study Skills GuideWalsh & Reisig
Study Skills for Nursing and Midwifery StudentsGuest & Scullion
Study Skills for Psychology StudentsLatto & Latto
Study Skills Guide : Essential Strategies for Smart StudentsStudy Skills Guide : Essential Strategies for Smart Students
Studying at a Distance: A Guide for StudentsTalbot
Teaching the Brain to Read: Strategies for Improving Fluency, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionWillis
Ultimate Study Skills WorkbookMoore, Neville & Murphy
Varsity Vocabulary : Words for Standardized TestsMcDermott


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Cornell Graphing Template
Cornell Notes TemplateCreative Commons
General Organizer
Graphic OrganizersThinkport
Graphic OrganizersEducation Oasis
Graphic Organizers TemplateHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
ISP Chart (Information, Sources, Page)Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt
KWL ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
KWS ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies InventoryMokhtari, K. & Reichard, C.
Persuasion MapHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Planning ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Problem-Solution ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Sequence ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
SQ3R Guide SheetReading Educator
SQ3R Reading Worksheet
T-ChartHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt
Venn DiagramHoughton-Mifflin Harcourt


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Reading StrategiesCentral Pennsylvania Community College

Itunes Videos

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Academic Skills Workshop Series Centre for Student Development, McMaster University
Close Reading CooperativeEastern Illinois University
College Success SeminarBristol Community College
School of Nursing, Student Success SeriesMiami Dade College

Films on Demand

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Active Listening and Note-Taking (Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students)Cambridge Educational
Active Reading: Reading for InformationMeridian Education
College Success: How to StudyCambridge Educational
College Success: Reading ChallengesCambridge Educational
College Success: Test-Taking TipsCambridge Educational
Cornell Note-Taking Method: Step OneDartmouth College
Critical Thinking SkillsCambridge Educational
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving (Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students)Cambridge Educational
Keep ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Know the Purpose of Your ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Learning Strategies for General ChemistryDartmouth College
NoteTakingDartmouth College
Note-Taking SkillsCambridge Educational
PracticeFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Problem-Solving SkillsCambridge Educational
Prioritize ReadingFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading EnvironmentFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading EssentialsFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Reading for InformationMeridian Education
Scan Reading MaterialFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
Steps Two and Three for Note-TakingDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Chem Lab TipsDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Note-Taking and Practice ProblemsDartmouth College
Study Strategies: Reading Assignments and Lecture PreparationDartmouth College
Studying and Test-TakingCambridge Educational
Take NotesFilms for the Humanities & Sciences
What is Active Listening?Cambridge Educational
What is Critical Thinking?Cambridge Educational
Why is Reading Important?Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Youtube Videos

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5 Active Reading StrategiesFrank
Active Reading
Advanced Cornell NotesCaramagno
Cornell Note Taking MethodCampwa
Cornell NotesCampea
Critical ThinkingQualia Soup
Hot to be an Active ReaderHS Language Arts
How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Beliefs That Make You Fail?Or SucceedSamford
How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Cognitive Principles for Optimizing LearningSamford
How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Putting Principles for Learning into PracticeSamford
How to Get the Most Out of Studying: What Students Should Know About How People LearnSamford
How to Read a Book You Don't Want to ReadTrelease
How to Read a TextbookBagwell
How to Read Better at a College LevelBerta
How to Read Textbooks & Technical MaterialNowak
How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best MethodsFrank
Learning to Think CriticallyHoffman
Making Connections with Class NotesPiscitelli
Marzano's Instructional Strategies - Summarizing & Note TakingJones
Reading StrategiesBullivant
Reading Textbooks Using SQ4RUOIT
SQ3R - An Effective Active Reading TechniqueWilson
SQ4R: Strategic ReadingPiscitelli
Study StrategiesMoseley
Textbook Reading (SQ4R Reading Strategy)Lincoln Land Community College
Using Microsoft Word for Taking Notes with Recorded AudioQuadStar Digital
Using Your Textbook (for Something Other Than a Doorstop)The Penguin Prof
What is Active ReadingONDemand Instruction

PowerPoint Slides

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Active Reading Keesee
Concept MapsCengage Learning
Concept Maps: From Pencil to Virtual WorldCain
Cornell Note Taking SystemGalvez
Cornell Notes - StudentsSantiago
Effective Notetaking: It's About Listening
How to Use WordleDigital Maverick
Idea Mapping: How to Convert an Idea into a MapTree Book Gallery
Marzano Summarizing and Note TakingGeller
Metacognition in ReadingDjagna
Mind Mapping for Effective Content ManagementSaunders
Muscle ReadingCengage Learning
Online Outliners & Mindmapping ToolsUniversity of Michigan
Read with Success: Tips for College Level ReadingDavidson
Reading as ThinkingSilveira
Reading Comprehension StrategiesGreen
Reading Comprehension Strategies: What Good Readers Do to Understand What They ReadPizzuto
Reading Strategies: Tools to Tackle Text
Reading to Engage and Close Reading SkillsUCEW
Retelling for Comprehension: Not Just for Elementary KidsSmith
SQ3R: Learn Smarter, Not HarderVan Cleave
SQ3R MethodRobinson
Strategies for Success - SQ3RMiller
Successful Attitudes Toward Reading and LearningSilveira
Two Column Notes Made EasyShahid
Types of Concept Maps


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Active Reading Procedures for Moderating the Effects of Poor HighlightingGier, Herring, Hudnell, Montoya & Kreiner
Closing in on Close ReadingBoyles, N.
Harmful Effects of Preexisting Inappropriate Highlighting on Reading Comprehension and Metacognitive AccuracyGier, V., Kreiner, D., & Natz-Gonzalez, A.
Instructional Tools for Nursing Education: Concept Maps.All, A., Huycke, L., & Fisher, M.
Note-Taking Skills of University Students With and Without Learning DisabilitiesHughes, C. & Suritsky, S.
Paraphrasing: An Effective Comprehension StrategyKletzien, S.
Practice, Practice, Practice: How to Improve Students' Study SkillsRozalski, M.
Reflections on a Faculty Learning Community ExperiencePhillips, B. & Phillips, F.
Using an Electronic Highlighter to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Pre-Existing, Inappropriate HighlightingGier, V., Kreiner, D., Hudnell, J., Montoya, J., & Herring, D.
Validity of Highlighting on Text ComprehensionSo, J. & Chan, A.


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Active Reading: Comprehension and RateDartmouth
Active Reading StrategiesPrinceton University
Active Reading StrategiesSlippery Rock University
Analyzing Past TestsBucks County Community College
Annotated Text Bucks County Community College
Annotated Text ExampleBucks County Community College
Art of Close Reading (Part One) Elder, L. & Paul, R.
Art of Close Reading (Part Two)Elder, L. & Paul, R.
Art of Close Reading (Part Three)Elder, L. & Paul, R.
A.S.P.I.R.E. A Study SystemStudy Guides and Strategies
B-D-A (Before, During, After)
Before-During-After FrameworkReading Quest
Breaking Tasks into Meaningful ChunksBucks County Community College
Close Reading a Text and Avoiding PitfallsPurdue Online Writing Lab
Cognitive StructuresBucks County Community College
Concept Map ExamplesKwantlen University
Cornell Note-Taking FormatBucks County Community College
Cornell Note-Taking Format ExampleBucks County Community College
Effective Textbook Reading SkillsAcademic Success Center, Southwestern College
Five Keys to Helping Students Read Difficult TextsCenter for Teaching & Learning
Flashcard MakerQuizlet
Graphic OrganizersHoughton Mifflin
Holt Graphic Organizer Teaching NotesHolt
How to Choose Between Different Styles of Thinking MapswikiHow
How to Read a Scientific Research Paper: A Four-Step Guide for Students and for FacultyHampshire College
How to Retain InformationCollege Atlas
How to
How to Study and Learn (Part One)Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Two)Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Three)Critical Thinking Community
How to Study and Learn (Part Four)Critical Thinking Community
Index of Learning Styles QuestionnaireNorth Carolina State University
Learning Styles (Math Study Skills)Math Study Skills
MappingBucks County Community College
Mapping ExampleBucks County Community College
Mind MapWales, J.
Mnemonics - Memory TechniquesBucks County Community College
Myers & Briggs Personality InventoryMyers & Briggs Foundation
Note Taking SystemsCal Poly
Questioning and Using Cognitive StructuresBucks County Community College
R.A.F.T. Assignmentsdaretodifferentiate
Rapid ReadingCornell
Read 110 Power Reading OnlinePalomar
Reading College TextsBucks County Community College
Reading Efficiently by Reading IntelligentlyMind Tools
Reading Methods: PORPESweet Briar's Academic Resourse Center
Reading Your Textbooks Effectively and EfficientlyDartmouth
Specific Types of Reading StrategiesEvergreen State College
SQ3R Reading SystemColumbia College
SQ4R Reading MethodMappio
SQ4R: A Solid Textbook Study SystemLansing Community College
Study Guides and StrategiesStudy Guides and Strategies
Study SkillsBucks County Community College
SummarizingReading Quest
Test-Taking StrategiesBucks County Community College
Text 2 Mind Map
Tips for Active ReadingDistance Learning Associates
Visual OrganizersBucks County Community College
Visual Organizers ExampleBucks County Community College
Vocabulary Self-Selection Strategy - VVSWest Virginia Department of Education
What is Mind Mapping? (and How to Get Started Immediately)Litemind
Word Templates and Cornell Note TakingProductivity Portfolio

In-house Workshops

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Concept MappingRobasciotti, N.
Cornell Note Taking (video)Platt, C.
SQ3R (YouTube)Ehrman, D.
Test TakingOatis, B.